SOUNDBOXX: The Ultimate Sample Player


RAM (1).png
  • With the latest technologies we have doubled the amount of RAM from 64GB to 128GB
  • We now use DDR-4 RAM The 64GB Soundboxxes used DDR-3 the fastest available at time
  • DDR4 generates speeds between 2133 and 4266 MT/s (million transfers per second). Compared to DDR3’s speeds - 800 to 2133 MT/s and DDR2’s speed - 400 to 1066 MT/s, it's clear how far memory technology has come
  • Dynamic RAM has also become more efficient over the years. DDR2 operated on 1.8 volts. DDR3 lowered that 1.5 Volts, and now, DDR4 operates on as few as 1.05 Volts


  • Solid State Drives have come down in price and increased in capacity
  • In 2014 there were no Terabyte drives on the market. We have always used the best components on the market and use Samsung SSD's
  • We love SSDs for their relibility and there's no moving parts - this was the weak point of spin-ups
  • It's only a matter of time before one of the drives or servo-motors go out
  • With SSD's there's no seek time, the arm doesn't have to jump around the drive to read files
  • In real performance we've seen composers templates take 20 min to load they now load in 6 minutes
  • We support 7200rpm technology if you want that just be aware of the difference


  • Most of the PC measuring on the internet use FFmpeg to test video renders or video game performance that relies on having a fast video card. What we care about is fast load times and polyphony
  • We use Vienna Ensemble Pro as a plug-in host. It's no secret that it works so much better on a PC than a Mac
  • VSL recomends PCs for VE-Pro
  • We are working on a new video to demonstrate the performance of the latest generation of hardware


  • Soundboxx was designed to meet the needs of the professional music composer and producer
  • Using state of the art technologies like the most powerful Intel™ i7 processor up to 64GB of RAM
  • SATA3 6GBs solid state and spinning drives, all add up to the most powerful computer available today
  • Every component is the highest quality available and has been "hand" picked and tested for maximum audio performance


  • What separates us from other PC vendors is every Soundboxx is a custom install
  • We consult with you on installation and authorize all the libraries you want
  • If you have custom sounds, we copy your libraries and make sure the sounds load properly
  • Essentially what you get is a turn-key system
  • We stand behind the product 100%
  • We have a failure rate of zero. Should something ever go wrong with a Sounboxx, no worries
  • It WILL be taken care of right away at no cost to you
  • No company in any industry offers this kind of service